Pixels Dont Matter

Alcatraz B/W Project:                  01.17.14

Shot and edited  entirely on a Iphone 5 with the VSCOCAM app

View the entire set on flickr. https://flic.kr/s/aHsjWHjfG3

Apr 10
4:26 am
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Little video of Cam, Bob and myself shredding some downhill in Washington.

Mar 24
3:32 pm
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2 weeks ago 3 friends from Flagstaff and my self took a 4 day trip to Moab Utah, most of it was documented via my iPhone and instagram but here’s some shots from the day we did the slick-rock trail and i decided to bring my camera.

Feb 13
6:10 pm
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Vital MTB Test sessions 2013.

I spent 10 days in sedona this winter shooting the 2013 Vital MTB test sessions, Here are some of my favorite shots from the week.


Jan 21
12:52 am
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Zachs STI.  Well my planned location to shoot didn’t quite work out. But at the last minute i think well pulled off a pretty unique location on the side of the road.

Dec 30
10:09 pm
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Merry Christmas from the pooch and I.

Merry Christmas from the pooch and I.

Dec 25
8:51 am
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@keith602 ‘s 1966 Volvo 122.

I had the pleasure of photographing this beautiful car today.


IG @learmiller

Dec 23
4:02 am
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Thomas Ingersoll.

October 29th 2013, Happy Valley, AZ

-Canon 5D mk2 w/24-105 L f4


Oct 29
9:32 pm
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Manhattan Beach CA. October 24th 2013

Oct 28
11:15 pm
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Another car post haha.

sometimes I just go out on a random monday night and take photos of my car. if haven’t seen the previous post check it out here.


Oct 21
9:57 pm
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Pixels Don't Matter


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