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1st Behind the scenes video.

Heres my first “Behind the Scenes” video.

I wanted to do a shoot that would both benefit my portfolio as a Lifestyle/Sports photographer but also photos that could be sold as Stock photos. I contacted my Friend Cierra who i’ve known since High school and is a personal trainer. I cant help but credit alot of this shoot to her and the Great locations we had access to. The shoot went really well and we were able to do a large verity of scenarios in a short amount of time. I think from arrival time and seeing the locations for the first time, till we were packed up and leaving, was only about 4 hours.

Unfortunately this video isn’t as informational as i would have liked to make it. But if there’s any questions on how any of these shots were taken, feel free to ask.

Below I will have an equipment list of all the gear used during the shoot.


Here is a basic Diagram for the above image.




Equipment list.

Cannon 5D mk2

Cannon L 24-105mm F/4
Cannon L 24mm F/1.4
Cannon L 35mm F/1.4
Sigma 50mm 1.4

2 Paul C Buff Einstein E640 Strobes
2 Paul C buff Vegabond battery packs
Triggered with pocket wizard plus 2 & 3’s
2 Large 32x40” softboxes w/grids
1 10x36” stripbox


Here’s some RAW out of camera screen shots as requested by a reader.


Special Thanks to my Mom for coming out and filming this video.


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